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Create your personalized, custom-created stretch bracelet uniquely for a special recipient or yourself. Or, upload a photo of a style you love, and we will do our best to recreate it!

The Process is EASY!

1. Select Your Colors. We advise keeping your style to three colors or less. 

2. Choose Silver or Gold or Mix Them Together. You may also choose not to have any metal, and we will leave it off. 

3. Select Your Bead Style Choice. Do you prefer more of a natural/smooth bead look, a whole lot of sparkle and glitz, or just a hint of it?

4. Letter Bead Choice. All letter beads are white with a choice of black, silver, or gold lettering. If you have any special characters (#, -) they will be automatically in black lettering. 

5. Choose Your Personalization. We recommend keeping your personalization under 12 characters and designing multiple bracelets for longer personalization. 

6. Upload a Photo (optional).  If you have a design you have seen us create or have an idea in mind, take a screenshot and upload it here. We will do our best to create something similar. 

7. Leave us a Note. If you have anything else you would like us to know, leave it here!

Our beads are individually selected based on their high quality and are primarily made of glass and metal. We do use some acrylic beads as needed.  

When you order a custom bracelet, you can select a size, personalize the text, and add any additional information regarding a special request you may have, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Each bracelet is created when ordered, and we do our best to ship each order within 2-3 business days (or sooner)! 

No two bracelets will be the same, as beads may vary slightly in color, pattern, and style. Feel free to leave us as much information as you would like to help us design exactly what you are looking for!

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